Saturday, July 23, 2005


Patches come in all variations of size, shape, and content. However, for most Girl Scout® volunteer events/activities, custom patches will include a title, a graphic, and a signature. The title will generally be at the top, the graphic in the middle, and the signature at the bottom. Check out the designs on this page and you'll see what I mean. Sure, there are exceptions, but following the standard patch layout is a safe strategy. So, by now you should be about ready to start pulling these ingredients together into a patch concept.

The lettering on the patch is simple. Just use common sense, aim for fun words over generic words, and try to keep the lettering to a minimum. If you have a theme, you'd want it to be reflected in the title as well as in the graphic. Having done the lettering, all you need is the graphic and, if your event and general creative direction is in rapport with this tutorial so far, you'll probably want a girl and a buddy or parent or animal or whatever as the centerpiece of your design. That just leaves the environment...the stuff around the centerpiece which provides a sense or location, festivities, activities, theme, day/night, season, site decor, etc. Now it's time to sit back and begin visualizing different combinations of things until you feel you have a concept which will work. You're almost over the creative hump and when you have that bugaboo behind you, the rest is a simple matter of fine tuning the artwork with your patch company.