Sunday, July 24, 2005


Some events have one big thing; a main part of the activity which the girls will regard as most memorable. It could be a guest like a clown or magician or Native American dancer or ranger with animals. It could be an activity such as a hike to a point of interest or historical site or beautiful vista. Or, perhaps something as simple as the local song lady coming to lead everyone in songs during the evening campfire. It could be a lot of things, but you'll know it when you think about it. And, if you have one big thing, you should consider building your patch design around it. If you don't have one big thing, then you can skip this step.

The reason for giving due consideration to the one big thing is that after all is said and done you don't want people coming to you and asking why such-and-such one big thing was not in the patch. If others expect it, you'll want to give it due consideration...before the patches are made, of course. Make this part of your "homework" and keep in the back of your mind in case the menu of activities changes significantly during the event planning stages.