Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Browsing is fun, right? So spend a few minutes looking at whatever patches you may have around the house. Or go online and check out this Girl Scout® patch website which has over 450 patch designs for you to view. See what creative ideas others have used for their patches. Don't worry if it seems pointless. It's like warming up for a race or cramming for an exam. It will get your creative juices flowing.

The purpose of browsing is not to look for your perfect patch design. Knocking off someone else's idea is not ethical, may even be illegal, and probably will be counter-productive (not perfectly suited to your group's needs). So, don't browse with the idea that you'll take someone else's creativity, borrow it, tweak it, and then get your own ideal patch design. Just fill your head with ideas and get a sense of how other's have solved the problem you're working on. Once you've done this, let it ferment. You may have a brainstorm but don't worry if you come up with zip. Just remember that no one expects you to be an experienced embroidery artist. You're just looking for a creative direction not a full blown finished product. There's more information ahead in this blog which will help you get past this sticking point.