Friday, July 29, 2005


Use themes. A theme will turn your generic event into something with a real "flavor" to it while making your patch creativity easy by pointing you in a specific direction. Whenever possible, use themes. Click here to see a web page full of patches designed around themes.

Your group may have something like an Encampment or a He & Me Dance or World Thinking Day event year after year. And, without a theme, your generic event patches will likely have generic event titles, such as "Spring Camporee", year after year and probably generic patch creativity (more camping stuff) as well.

Themes can make your events more memorable and make your patch designs more lively and interesting. For example, you may have an encampment in the Fall each year and do pretty much all the same stuff year after year. However, if one is a "Beach Blast" and another a "Juliette's Jungle" and another a "Hawaiian Luau" you have something different each year which you can build on. You can not only work the theme into the patch art but also into your event activities. Your girls will remember what they did during "Renaissance Faire" much more readily than if it were the more generic "Camporee 2004". The whole creative process will have a strong direction and the patch art will come more easily too.