Saturday, July 30, 2005


Creativity is everyone's bugaboo. So, let's get this subject out of the way first. Creativity can make or break a patch. It can make you look good and your girls and volunteers smile. Or it can have the opposite effect. The next few entries in this blog will be dedicated to this subject. The rule to follow in regard to creativity is don't worry! It's really easy. Really.

If you're the designated patch person for your group, you may feel compelled to come up with a design. Most patch companies expect it because they know it's a dicey matter. After all, patches are art and art is subjective:Whatever they might like, you may not and visa-versa. That's why patch companies will want you to tell them what your custom patch should look like. Sure, it's your responsibility, right? Wrong. That responsibility belongs to the person who knows your group, your event, and what will work for you. That would be you. And it also belongs to the person who understands what will work and look good in 9 square inches of embroidery and what won't. That would be your patch company. The creative process is ideally a collaboration between you and your patch company. If you can't count on them to work with you in the creative process, find another patch company.