Sunday, July 17, 2005


Girl Scout patch shapePatch companies have to work in small areas with a low resolution medium; embroidery. For this reason they need all the room you can give them for maximum content and the best possible detail. If you pick a special shape it will likely result in a significant reduction of the stitching area thereby limiting both content and detail. This means you'll get less value; less bang for your buck.
In the picture to the right, the blue area is the patch area and the pink area is wasted space. The picture shows how a circle provides 21% less space than a square or a rectangle. A triangle only offers half the maximum space. So, shape does effect value. Be careful about the shape of you select.

• Diamonds - Diamond shapes present a potential problem. If you order a 3 inch diamond shape your patch company may interpret that as meaning a diamond with a height and width (point-to-ponit) of 3 inches as shown above on the left. However, that interpretation will result in a patch half the size of a diamond which is a three inch square rotated 45 degrees as shown above on the right. When ordering regular diamond shapes, be sure to mention that you want the patch dimensions measured on the diagonal to ensure you get the most for your money.