Monday, July 18, 2005


When you're getting quotes, it's important to make sure you're comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges to bananas. Here are the spec's you'll want to know before asking for a price. If you ask for a quote before providing this information either they will ask you for the info or you'll be quoted something not clearly defined and who knows what you'll get then.

• Size - Usually 3 inch. Maybe 2.5 inch for those who want something a little smaller than normal. 3.5 inch for those who want something a little bigger than normal. For more information about patch size click here.

• Thread count - Normally 7 colors of embroidery thread. Most companies charge extra for every color over about 7 or 8. Seven colors is usually sufficient for volunteer event patches. The fabric and border colors don't count.

• Coverage - Coverage helps define the stitch count and is an estimate of the percent of the surface of the patch covered with embroidery. 50% should be the minimum and 100% the maximum. Volunteer event patches usually require about 75% coverage.

• Materials - Unless you want something special such as neon or metallic thread or velvet fabric, you can expect to ask for and to be quoted rayon thread on polyester twill fabric.

• Backing - Be sure not to overlook the backing. You'll want a plastic back on your patch to preserve your bobbin threads and make sure the patch doesn't unravel with wear. Most companies include this routinely for free. However, be sure to ask so you don't end up with a bare back.

• Other - If you have something else unique about your patch such as a special cookie-cutter shape or heat seal backing, don't neglect to mention it. It may effect the cost.

• Summary - Unless your concept is especially difficult or demands something extraordinary you can use the following typical specifications. The patches on this web page use these specifications.

Size: 3 inch
Colors: 7 embroidery (not including fabric and border)
Coverage: 75%
Backing: plastic
Materials: Rayon over polytwill