Thursday, July 21, 2005


Congratulations!! You've made it this far which puts you way ahead of most custom patch buyers and you have the hard stuff, the creative bugaboo, behind you. Assuming your patch requirement is not too unusual, you should have a good idea of the custom patch you would like for your event. So, let's back up and review to see how we got where we are now.

1. You got an early start so you can plan your patch while the event is being planned and they can change and grow together.

2. You've checked with your experienced peers to glean whatever input they have to offer.

3. You've browsed patches and websites to see how others have solved the custom patch problem so you have a head full of ideas and visual information.

4. You've planned your design around your theme and the one big thing if applicable.

5. You've capitalized on patch emotion as much as possible to get the most bang for your buck.

6. You've followed the guidelines to make sure your patch will be all it can be while avoiding any pitfalls.

7. You've followed the conventional wisdom for patch design to ensure optimal use of the space available.

8. You've sorted through a myriad of ideas in your head and come up with what you believe will be the best one for your patch.

Now you're ready to start talking about your patch concept with patch companies.